All I can say is thank you

I wrote this a year ago when everything was pointing at Bale’s departure from Madrid. It was never published as he ended up staying one more season. I wasn’t ready then, I am not ready now... but here it is, the same words, the same

Es Nuestra

Hoy, por fin, podemos celebrar y disfrutar. Hoy, por fin, podemos relajarnos tras meses de competición, una competición que ha sido difícil hasta el final, pero a pesar de arbitrajes polémicos al principio, de los horarios criminales al


La mayoría de nosotros nos hemos encontrado alguna vez en nuestra infancia a algún profesor que nos parecía injusto. “Me tiene manía” solíamos decirnos cada vez que nos ponía una mala nota. “Es que Fulanito es el ojito derecho del profe”

The Weekly Summary

Real Madrid sealed this past week its qualification to the round of 16 in the Champions League. Thanks to the score between Brugge and Galatasaray, Los Blancos had nothing to worry about on their match against PSG, only their honor with the…

The weekly summary

The international break was not kind to Real Madrid, with the loss of two of their players in the same match. Both Modric and Bale falling to injury within minutes apart as Croatia and Wales were facing each other in the Eurocup

The weekly summary

After taking the top spot in La Liga mid week against Osasuna, Real Madrid was looking to maintain their position against tough city rivals Atlético on Saturday night. Zidane surprised everyone again, it seems guessing the starting XI for…

The weekly summary

After what felt like the longest wait, the international break finally came to an end and we were able to enjoy Real Madrid once again this weekend. This break was not only tedious, but as it usually does it brought bad news for the team…

Yo, Madridista.

El Mercado de fichajes llegó a su fin, y hasta el próximo año la plantilla del Real Madrid está cerrada. Estos jugadores serán los que tengan que pelear por todos los títulos hasta entonces. Somos los que somos y estamos los que estamos.

The weekly summary

The season has barely started, but things don’t slow down for Real Madrid. After a great start last week in Vigo, the week continued among continuous transfer rumors. The end of the transfer window is approaching and it is to be expected